La Toya Hampton of “Safety Side Up” will be leading a two-day Babysitter Training Course at our Capitol Highway campus on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday July 2nd from 1-5PM (both days). This course is appropriate to mature learners ages 12+. If your child is especially mature and dedicated at age 10 or 11, we can meet to talk over the possibility of allowing focused younger students to enroll.

The cost of these classes is $140.00 for the 8-hour series. We need at least 10 participants to register and pre-pay before June 9th, 2023 in order to run with this course. If you would like to help support a partial scholarship for another student, please select the rate that makes sense for your budget from the fee menu. If you are a single-adult family, or otherwise could benefit from a partial scholarship, please email us at Please do not delay registering if your child is committed to attending and taking advantage of this quality opportunity.

Payment is not refundable – but your spot can be transferred to another (serious) student age 12+. 

‘ASHI’s Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) gives teenagers everything they need to know for safe and successful Babysitting.’ The graphic below offers key points concerning topics that will be covered in this course. This video is also helpful in speaking to what teens can expect to learn over the course of their time with La Toya as well.

Parents/guardians and participants should understand that while the group WILL have fun and laugh, there are also very serious parts to discuss (feeling unsafe, child abuse, handling difficult child behaviors, emergencies, etc), as well as the importance of participants being able to demonstrate while in class that La Toya will feel comfortable putting her name on their card that they have not only attended the class, but they have completed the class demonstrating mature, positive and safe qualities of a babysitter.

 CABS Babysitter Training Intro.mp4


Flyer CABS Babysitter Training by Safety Side Up (1)


July 1, 2023 to July 2, 2023
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Per Participant @ 8 -Hour course over two days (Ages 12+)$140.00
Scholarship Fund (if you can help support partial price breaks for others)$15.00
Scholarship Fund (if you can help support partial price breaks for others)$20.00
Scholarship Fund (if you can help support partial price breaks for others)$25.00


Come take a deep dive into Martial Arts, along with short dips into various other movement arts via a guest expert teachers each day of camp (think Skateboarding, Parkour, Archery, Fencing, Jiu-Jitsu, Circus Arts, Hip Hop)! Our camps are designed to encourage pro-social connection, and physical challenge, balanced with self-selected down time.


Ages 6-8 (Half Day) 9A-Noon

Ages 8-15 (Full Day) 9A-4P


June 19th-23rd

July 10th-14th

July 31st-August 4th

For those full-day SWPMA families [already enrolled] who want their child to stay on for the 4:25 and/or 5PM classes, we provide supervision (not entertainment) during the 4-4:25 break at no extra cost. Students may remain in the space to snack, read, or sit quietly off to the side while classes take place [calm, self-directed activities].

Daily “Flow”

9-10A Sunset gym 


Icebreaker games

Storytelling & Action with Wally

10-11 Cap Hwy Gym

Guest Movement Instructor

11-12 Lunch/Games in park or covered patio 

12-1 Cap Hwy Gym Martial Arts Activity  [older students breakout] or Guest Teacher

1-2 Sunset Gym Choice Time Block #1 

-Group Bingo

-Craft Project

-Martial Arts Option  [older students breakout]

2-3 Park Adventures 

and/or Guest Instructor

3-4 Sunset Gym  Choice Time Block #2 

-Craft Project/Textiles

-Group Games

-Table Games (Ping Pong/Air Hockey/Table Ball)

-Martial Arts Option  [older students breakout]


Camps allow for structured active indoor and unstructured outdoor play, free choice, crafts, and cooperative games. Mixed age groups, separate age groups and mixed and separate sport ability groups will all be provided over the course of the week. Features guest movement arts instructors, field trips in the Hillsdale neighborhood. BYO lunch, dress for sport and outdoor adventures.

Quality Instruction: Lead teachers Sifu Wally and Lara Jones have taught for decades and have led these small acclaimed camps for over 15 years; they are longtime academic teachers as well as longtime Martial Arts instructors. Lara is also a state certified ECE/Elem teacher. Adult assistant camp instructor Alex Troutman is a lifelong skateboarder turned youth mentor – and instructor at SWPMA. Youth helpers and various expert movement instructors will be involved throughout too. All our guest teachers are stone-cold experts in their field as well. In the past, movement endeavors have included badminton, olympic-level ping-pong, fustsal, soccer, archery, fencing, capoeira, gymnastics, parkour, ballet, judo, circus arts, rock climbing, and more! We look forward to seeing what this year’s series of camps have in store…

Discounts Offered

$50 discount for enrolled SWPMA students @ full-day option

Email us at to to arrange for these special [additional] discounts:

One-time ongoing $25 discount for those who enroll in BOTH our Spring AND Summer Camps

$10 Ongoing discount to pay by check, as opposed to paying online.


Cancelations: Because we bend over backwards to provide small camps @ high-quality at a reasonable cost given the qualifications of staff and caliber of programming, we do NOT offer refunds. Pre-registration helps us know what to plan for, and it’s important that things remain as planned (on our end). However, in cases of emergency, credit towards future enrichment programming is an option. We strive to work with families to help resolve emergencies in a compassionate and reasonable manner.

June 19, 2023 to January 27, 2023
July 10, 2023 to July 14, 2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Full Day - Ages 8+ - Wk of 7/10 Enrolled Student$325.00
Full Day - Ages 8+ - Wk of 7/10 Non-Enrolled Student $375.00
Half Day - Ages 6-8 - Wk of 6/19 - Enrolled Student$200.00
Half Day - Ages 6-8 - Wk of 6/19 - Non-Enrolled Student$225.00