LGBTQ Self-defense Class



ThisIntro to Self-Defense class will be geared towards adult LGBTQ community members (ages 16+).  Allies Sifu Wally Jones and Lara Jones of Southwest Portland Martial Arts will lead participants through a variety of light physical drills [centered on vital targets] to better help boost confidence, and discuss the where/why/when/how – behind physical self-defense.

This short, informal class will include very basic low-impact physical exercises, games, and academic content/discussion, interspersed throughout.

WHY: The reason for offering a class specifically for people who identify as LGBTQ is to offer a safe place where they may feel comfortable sharing and driving content/conversation in a manner that addresses specific issues/concerns surrounding broader and their personal culture. ALL levels welcome!

FORMAT: This class is intended to be a FUN introduction to Self-Defense and situational awareness. We all learn well through play ~ when relaxed and enjoying ourselves. Please encourage students not to worry about performance… simply focus on picking up useful new skills that resonate with you~ a little bit at a a time;) It’s OK to be a beginner – or experienced student. It’s OK to be you, exactly where you are at!  

Instructors will offer up scalable suggestions for all physical drills; each participant may determine for themselves if and how they would like to engage with partners. Our goal always is to create a safe, fun environment in which to “play,” and there is no pressure to participate in any other way than feels right to you!

LOCATION: To be held at Southeast Portland Martial Arts [Capitol Highway Campus] 6315 SW capitol Highway in Hillsdale Town Center.

COST: Sliding scale online payment below. All proceeds after Pyapal fees are subtracted will be gifted to Portland’s Q Center. For information on Q Center, please visit their website:


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