CrossFit Beginner Series

Want to learn CrossFit but scared to jump into the regular classes?  We’re offering an intro to CrossFit series in January to ease “regular” people into the (sometimes) daunting world of CrossFit.

There are two options for scheduling: Monday and Wednesday @ 11AM-Noon. There will be no class on Monday, January 1st. Both options cost $90 and get you 9 classes. That’s $10 a class, 50% off our drop in rate and over 25% off our monthly rate, all with no commitment to sign up for more classes.

Over the course of the month, students will be introduced to:

Basic bodyweight movements: The squat, sit up, push up and pull up.
Basic barbell movements: The deadlift, back squat, shoulder press and power clean.
Basic motions: jump rope, wall ball and KB swing.
Mobility and stretching: how to warmup, increase range of motion, and reduce everyday pains.

If you have injuries and/or movement limitations, don’t worry, we will adjust things so they work for you.

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