EVENT FULL! Boys Self-Defense (Ages 7-13)


In this (boy-centered family class) participants will explore a variety of situational awareness strategies to better help boost confidence, expose students to practical tools for common physical exchanges, and provide resources for avoiding and managing potential emergency situations. This short, informal class will include very basic low impact physical exercises, and academic content through discussion and resource handouts. Concepts of consent and up stander/ally skills will be touched on throughout as well.

  • ALL levels welcome!
  • Guardians are absolutely encouraged to participate and take the class with their child, but may also sit and watch instead if child is 7-13 years old. Ages 13 may participate without an adult present.

To be held in Hillsdale at Southwest Portland Martial Arts. Visit our website for a detailed map; storefront faces Cheltenham Street. Please park on Cheltenham Street as possible. www.southwestportlandmartialarts.com

Format: First hour to 1.25 = hours physical drills and games.                                                                           Final 15 minutes to half-hour = age-appropriate Q&A centered on kids’ ideas & concerns.

Lead teacher: Sifu Wally Jones, head instructor of Southwest Portland Martial Arts

The cost is $15/20 per participating family member, depending on your budget. Siblings cost $10 each. Fee waivers also available by written request: info@swportlandmartialarts.com

Questions? Lara Jones: info@swportlandmartialarts.com

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