Acro Seminar

We’re hosting a two hour acro seminar, coached by Ari Rapkin of justmovement. The first hour will focus on tumbling and hand balancing. The second hour will be partner acro. Dance on your hands! Balance your friends on your feet!

Here’s Ari’s bio: Ari’s creative movement experiences include gymnastics, Aikido, latin dance, acrobatics, physical theater and aerial dance. He has worked with Duo Doppio, Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus, Do Jump!, The Circus Project and a number of other great performance groups. He is especially inspired by collaborative creative movement – moving together with another person or people can have an amazing transformative power to break through barriers of perceived limitations. Gravity, balance, strength and imagination all compliment each other to achieve new shapes and meanings that didn’t feel possible before. This collaboration rings true socially as well as physically, having also worked for many years with non-profit social change organizations, where in a very different way he is awed by the transformative power of a group of people dedicated to collaboration for the purpose of making something beautiful.

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