2018 Kids Mini Tournament

Students between the ages of 3-7 are invited to participate in this *short and sweet* “mini tournament.” This event will take place at SW Portland Martial Arts. Participants may elect to spar, or demonstrate their form, in this specially designed tournament for younger students.

Students should wear their uniform. During the forms competition, students can do the form with their teacher and automatically receive a ribbon, or if they elect to do their form independently will have a chance to win a medal.

For sparring, we will supply gear for all the students – although they are welcome to bring their own. We will do light touch to the body and no contact to the head or groin. You may elect to purchase a mouthpiece and athletic supporter at a sporting goods store, but we will be looking to keep things very, very low-key…to where it is not necessary to do so unless you like the notion of getting them in the habit young. Matches will go to 3 points or 2 minutes, whichever comes first.

The goal of this tournament is to provide students with an opportunity to show off their skills in a supportive and fun environment. The main idea is to acknowledge that just saluting on the floor for such an event is a huge accomplishment. For those students who have attended our tournaments before, taking on more responsibility with practicing at home in preparing for the event – is highly encouraged.

Register below. You may pay according to your budget. Registration fees help pay for medals, ribbons, and communal sparring gear. The sooner we know who plans on attending, the better we will be able to support them in gearing up for the event in class.

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