Olympic Lifting

What is Olympic Lifting?
Flick on the TV every four years and you’ll see a bunch of people throwing around really heavy barbells. That is Olympic lifting. More specifically, it is three lifts (two of which are combined in competition): the clean, the jerk, and the snatch.

Why is this part of your CrossFit program?
Because we aren’t just into working out until we fall over from exhaustion. We like skill. The Olympic lifting class is all about developing skill that will make you a much better CrossFitter so that it will take you longer to fall over from exhaustion.

What kind of equipment do I need?
Get yourself some weightlifting shoes or on your first day, everyone will tell you to get weightlifting shoes and continue to bug you until you do. The shoes are a huge help. They will last a long time unless you walk around outside in them.

Is this class for beginners?
No. Come to our regular CrossFit classes first. If you’ve never done any CrossFit or lifting, train for about six months before you worry about the Olympic lifting class. Once you’ve got some basic barbell understanding, then ask when you can join the Olympic lifting class. We’ll get you ready and in ASAP.

What if I already know the lifts and I want to take the class now?
Talk to a coach!

Do I have to pay extra for this? Can I take only this class?
This class is part of the regular dues for CrossFit students. If you want to only take the lifting class, you’ll need to come in and talk to a coach, and then you can pay standard drop in fees per class.

Who is the coach and what is his teaching style?

Joe will make you strong like Snoopy!Joe Beck leads the class. He prides himself in making good lifters out of CrossFitters. Be patient, show up consistently, work hard, and you will get better.