Wally Jones is the head coach and co-owner of CrossFit Hillsdale.  Wally was first introduced to CrossFit in 2005, when Scott Hagnas subletted space at Southeast Portland Martial Arts to open CrossFit Portland. From there, a steady diet of squats, pull ups, dead lifts and sprinting has convinced him that CrossFit is not only an awesome strength and conditioning program to support his martial arts training, but aLao a sport that has successfully managed to hold his attention span for ten years and counting.  He is a level 1 CrossFit coach, and CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified as well.

Chris Becker was quite skeptical of CrossFit when she first heard about it. After feeling completely defeated by a Chipper workout during the first week of training though, she realized that WODs might be a worthy pastime after all. Chris has a deep history of fitness programs, going way back to being the fastest tree climber in her childhood neighborhood and more recently including rock climbing, running, bicycling, swimming, and fencing. You can usually find Chris in the early morning classes, where there are always enough bars and bells for everyone!  Chris is a certified level 1 CrossFit coach and has a mobility cert as well.

tinygundyEric Gunderson came to CrossFit Hillsdale in December 2011 looking to get back in shape after a series of injuries put him down and out for over a year. He grew up being a multi-sport athlete and has continued to play sports until recent injuries forced him to retire from high impact/cutting sports.  CrossFit thus became his athletic addiction. Eric found the metcons and weight lifting to be a new and challenging change in his life. Not only did CrossFit help with rehabilitation, it continues to push him on a daily basis. When he is not at CrossFit he’s either at home with his numerous animals or out in the wilderness enjoying the wonderful Northwest. He loves hiking, biking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, climbing… Pretty much everything outside.

imageCoach Geoff smiles as he lifts. His favorite thing about coaching is helping students progress through the many skills that a competent CrossFitter must possess.

To this end, he has mountains of patience, myriads of metaphors, a kettlebell and a paintbrush.