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Adversity and Adversaries

If you are trying to get better a martial art that involves working against actively resisting partners, I suggest you become a good adversary. Being a good adversary is fundamentally different from being an enemy to your partners. Enemies drown … Continue reading

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Building Shoulder Strength

If you do CrossFit, Martial Arts, or both – you need strong shoulders. Maybe you are blessed with naturally stable and strong shoulders – good for you! For the rest of us, there are countless ways of building strength. In … Continue reading

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Escaping Mount

I got to teach two classes for MDP camp this year – one about how to escape bottom mount position and one about how to use knee ride. Both classes were about applying groundwork to a self defense situation. The … Continue reading

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Camp Class Preview

This year, for MDP camp, I’ve been asked to teach a class about takedowns and groundwork for self defense. The two big questions behind the class will be: how and why might we, in a self defense situation, want to … Continue reading

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Summer Martial Arts Special!

Have you been hiding in the shadows, waiting to sign up for martial arts classes? Come out into the light and train for all of July and August for only $30! Normally, two months of training would cost you $180 … Continue reading

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