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Arm Drag

The arm drag is such a wonderful, basic tool for the martial artist.  It is a simple way to improve your position from being directly in front of your partner to being at their side or back.  Even cooler, it … Continue reading

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Moving Along

Next on the kids requirement list are the front snap kick and the knee kick.  As you might expect from the first two kicks that kids are introduced to in our system, they are fairly simple. Conveinently, the front snap … Continue reading

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A System Standard

Coming down the pipeline for 2016: a system wide standard for the kids requirements!  I’m sure not too many people are as excited as I am about this but it will be nice when all three of the schools are … Continue reading

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More Kids Requirements

I’ve been doing more work on the kids requirements.  What follows is a write up of the 10 fighting principles that appear on the kids requirement list.  Give it a read and give me some feedback.  Thanks!  Because I cut … Continue reading

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Kids Grappling Class

If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve got a kids BJJ class now! Every Tuesday from 4-5pm. All ranks are welcome, ages 6 and up. Students will be taught safety, submissions, positions and how to play BJJ live with other students. … Continue reading

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