Matt Zorn

Matt is a master of Gi grips. He will show you ways to pin your opponent using the cloth that seem so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them before. Want to make your Jiu-jitsu actually translate into “the gentle art”? Come to Matt’s classes and truly absorb how technique prevails over size and strength. Matt is a black belt from Mata Leo and we are super thrilled to have him in our roster of coaches.


Wally Jones
Wally started training in BJJ in 2010. What started as a mission to cover the hole in his ground game grew into a full blown addiction to grappling. Wally has earned his purple belt in BJJ and is thrilled to have the chance to further work his ground skills and continue to integrate them into the bigger martial picture.

Dave Bisers

Dave is like a bowling ball launched out of a cannon but with arms that pin you to the ground and choke you. Also, he’s an amazing teacher and leads the Wednesday standup class. You should come to his class and learn how to fall and how to throw. Despite his capacity to destroy, he is also incredibly patient and loves working with students of all abilities.

Quinn Lobdell

Quinn is best known for crushing your soul with triangle chokes and yet somehow leaving you happy, refreshed, and excited to do more Jiu-jitsu. Sometimes, when you’re rolling with him, you’ll wonder how he is doing what he’s doing with his legs. We don’t know how he does it either. It’s terrifying, actually. If you figure it out, let us know by providing detailed instructions on how to avoid his arachnoid ways. He holds the rank of blue belt.

April Henry

April is the best. Truly and for real. She’s awesome. She runs the women’s class but you can see her at pretty much every BJJ class we have because she loves this stuff. Nothing excites her more than getting more humans on the mat to play with. April is a blue belt.

Tym Less

Tym brings the gentle art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to the people. Because, seriously, that’s what jiu-jitsu means… gentle art – and when you do it right, when you’re not doing grr-jitsu, but when you’re actually doing jiu-jitsu – that is when you make Tym proud.