December Family Martial Arts Series

WHERE/WHEN:¬†Join longtime educator and head instructor Wally Jones for an extra-fun “Family Martial Arts” series for human beings ages 3 (and their caretakers) at our Hillsdale Town Center “Capitol Highway” campus @ 6315 SW Capitol Highway. This series takes place from 10-11AM on two consecutive Saturdays in November: 12/11 & 12/18.

CONTENT: Caretakers are expected to take class with their children, but the movement options are designed to be optional, low-impact, and scalable for all. There will be a group warmup, introduction to (gymnastic) equipment w/ various options for use, an obstacle course/stations to interact with [as participants choose] and final 10 minutes dedicated to an informal/social cleanup time (to allow participants to depart, one group at a time). The focus lies on engaging general movement skills/gross body challenges…not fine motor Martial Arts techniques. *Adults interested in being side-coached on any specific movement techniques will be more than welcome to ask for that during the class.

COST: These classes are limited to 10 participating bodies and the cost is $10 per human being per class, or $20 each for the series.

STAFFING: There will be one lead instructor, one tween youth helper, and another adult helper on hand to keep things moving along, and help ensure that participants are spread out across the space.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: This fully padded space is designed for fun and safety, with three doors open, fans spinning, and gates over said doors. Other Covid precautions include limited class sizes, masks required for all participants, and proof of vaccination for all adults involved. Once registration and payment is complete, we will be reaching out to you at the email given, to ask after proof of vaccintaion for adults.

*Because all doors will be open, participants will do well with dressing in layers, and athletic grippy socks are very highly recommended for fast movers. The soft custom mats do not allow for shoe-wearing, but we do have youth-sized loaner (Sky High) socks available for use while in the space.

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