CLASS FULL! Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED & Basic First Aid Certification Class

Join us on the soft mats of our Capitol Highway campus [6315 Sw Cap Hwy] for a 3.5 hr. Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED & Basic First Aid Certification Class with Laurie Dennis of “Be A Lifesaver.” Laurie has been teaching for approximately 23 years in the Portland Metro area.

Roughly one-third of the training is hands-on with the balance being demo/lecture. Each participant receives a two-year, laminated, completion card.

This class will take place on the floor of an open, padded space. 

Each Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED and Basic First Aid class includes the following instruction:

  • ****************************
  • One-Rescurer CPR (adult/child/infant)
  • Recognition and relief of foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO): responsive/unresponsive victim
  • Use of face barriers
  • Universal precautions for disease transmission
  • Risk factors for heart disease and stroke
  • Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Hands-on skills performance evaluation—no more than two students per manikin
  • Basic First Aid (15 first aid emergencies: medical, injury, and environmental)
Laerdal Medical Corporation training products are used:  manikins; Philips AED trainer, and manikin face shields. Each participant receives a pocket hand sanitizer, gloves, and quick reference guides. The laminated completion cards are valid for two years from the class date.

We will supply floor chairs and/or swiss balls for those who need them for the lecture portion, by advance written request (this allows us to ensure that we have enough on hand for all who need them). 


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