2020 SW Preschool Fair – Vendor Registration CLOSED!

Registration + payment functions to secure your spot at this event.¬†Each year we have enjoyed an increasingly great turnout; start helping promote “early and often,” and we should knock it out of the park again this year! Do not wait to register…there are more schools in the area than slots, and this event has only grown over time.

The spirit of this event is intended to be one of inclusivity/unity and helpfulness. While we will be sandwiching 20 amazing preschools into one open-plan gym space, there certainly is room enough for everyone’s program to shine! We celebrate the diversity of our schools,
and are pleased to offer you all a space to offer up information and help families determine a “best-fit” program for their children!

Vendors may set up as early as noon. Please only bring tables that are 5′ in length max. We will not be able to provide vendors with electrical outlets. Families don’t much care about slideshows…they mainly just want to meet school reps and talk, face-to-face. ***NO PRODUCT SALES, OR SCHOOL SERVICE SALES allowed at this event. It’s all about you and your amazing schools! In other words, nobody should be tabling or walking around hustling/interrupting you, to sell you stuff;)

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