You're broken pinky is showing, Wally.

Wally Jones enjoys burpees, which means he’s probably not even human.

Victorious Victoria!

When Victoria Walker lifts, all the weights in the gym gravitate toward her barbell, as all the people are gravitating around her in this photo.

"Dude. Your back was shaped like the letter C." - Joe.

Joe Beck on the right, is gently reminding Ed that the letter C is not the shape your spine should be.

Spencer shines on his children. Chris might swallow you while with that smile.

Spencer French dominates the morning classes like the sun dominates the sky. That’s his shining head in the middle. Chris Poulson is the moon to Spencer’s sun. He is on the far left.

Forever hanging Peter.

Peter Wilhelm runs classes that everyone seems to love so much that they never cease to complain about how hard the classes are. This is the hallmark of a coach who knows how to dominate the CrossFit news cycle.

She’s laughing right now.

Alli Erdahl will laugh so often you will wonder if she thinks your suffering is cute, charming, or just hilarious. There she is, far in the distance, plotting your doom.

That’s a heavy barbell.

Rochelle Hagnas will make a list of your skills, check it twice, then proceed to help you move like the unstoppable machine you were meant to become.

Haha! He’s having more fun than you!

Geoff’s favorite thing about coaching is helping students progress through the cornucopia of skills that a CrossFitter must possess. To this end, he has mountains of patience, myriads of metaphors, a kettlebell, and a paintbrush.