Day 82: Active versus Passive

The fighting principle of active versus passive is deceptively simple. Surely it is better to be active rather than passive? Not always. There are many situations which are actually best solved by doing nothing. Neither is being passive better than being active. There are many situations which are best solved by taking action.

Aside from that double talk, martial techniques often start from understanding the passive and then moving to the active. Before you can throw really cool active punches, it helps if you know where to put your cover hands passively. So we explored passive covers versus active covers today in kid’s class.

In striking class, Dug explored the shin block. It’s not passive, but often, when working solo combinations, it’s easy to overlook defense. Don’t get passive and fall into the groove of just punching and kicking when you solo train. Defend.

For CrossFit class, we worked the big toe balance during the skill work. What a weird combination of passively standing still while actively pushing in different directions in order to stay still. Fun.

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