Kickboxing & Boxing deal

If you are ready to start our fitness kickboxing and/or boxing classes, we have a special deal for you! Pay only $50 and get s pair of $35 boxing gloves and a $90 membership good for a month. That means you get $125 of value for only $50 and you can come to as many of our boxing and kickboxing classes in a month  as you want to.
Simply select the style of gloves you want, enter your name, and then click the pay now button. (In case you’re wondering, women’s gloves are smaller than men’s gloves.) As soon as you pay, you can come in and play! Your gloves will take about 1 week to come in but don’t worry, if you want to train right away, we have a pair you can borrow. If you have a pair of gloves already, you can click the no gloves option and bump the price down to $25. Your month of training doesn’t start until the day you show up for your first class.

Boxing gloves and one month of training deal!
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