New Boxing Class

We are excited to add a new piece to our adult martial arts program – boxing! The class will be held every Monday and Wednesday from 10am-11am. Since it is part of our martial arts program, students who are paying dues for martial arts are welcome to attend at no extra charge and for all those who sign up in the future – it is all part of our increasingly awesome programming.

The coach, Sasha Dadvar, has offered up the following summary of the class:

* Development of general fitness should be a priority for the beginner boxer, regardless of age and experience.

* In this particular stage, it is also important to develop coordination and speed.

* Each training session should be planned accordingly to teach and train both physical and technical elements

* Always start the teaching from simple tasks to complex tasks; the more complex the tasks, the easier it is to lose the attention and interest of the boxer.

* Should incorporate different games for training sessions to create an enjoyable training environment

So the way I read that description, it sounds like we are going to: sweat, develop the physical attributes of coordination and speed, be led through a carefully planned curriculum, be taught tasks appropriate to our skill level, and play some games that probably involve punching each other.


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