Get up!

How much grappling is a Mo Duk Pai student expected to know?  As a starting point, for an orange sash, the student should be able to fall safely, get an untrained opponent (of their same size) off of them, and be able to stand up quickly and safely from the ground.

Tonight in class we drilled two of those ideas – falling safely and getting up quickly off the ground.  Falling safely means knowing how to sit down and reach towards the ground with your hips (and not try and break your fall by reaching with your hands. Getting up quickly and safely means being able to stand while a partner is taking swipes at you and not get knocked out – the technical standup is a great tool for this.

The video shows two students taking turns falling over safely and then standing up quickly and safely.  Hopefully that helps clarify (some) of the expected ground game competency we expect from an orange sash in Mo Duk Pai.

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