I’m always looking for connections between martial arts and CrossFit. Quite frankly, it isn’t difficult. Movement is movement: throwing weights and throwing people share more than a few similarities.

I was pleased today however because a new connection occurred to me – relaxed arms. When people have developed the ability to double under well, their arms are relaxed. When people have developed the ability to punch well, their arms are relaxed. The exception to this is that tension is required at a single moment. This moment for the jump rope is the whip that flicks the wrist. This moment for the punch is the contact with the target.

Another way to look at this relaxation and tension contrast is to examine a less experienced jumper/puncher. There is frequently too much tension. The shoulders are tight when they don’t need to be. The forearms are tight when they don’t need to be.

Does this mere knowledge that one should relax their arms help people punch better or double unders? Nope. You have to practice to get better. Now if you practice WHILE you think of relaxing your arms, it might help. Try it.

Doctor Who
Part 1: Barbell Technique
3 split jerks
Part 2: Gymnastic Technique
Alternate 8
A: hip touches
B: bridge
Part 3: Conditioning (20 min cap)
4 rounds for time
12 Kb snatches (24/16kg) right
60 double unders
12 Kb snatches (24/16kg) left
10 back squats (155/105)

Check the whiteboard for numbers.

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